Musings on computing


Frugal Tech is a dumping ground for ruminations about anything from saving money to identity theft, personal computers to phones, software to hardware.


Let's start with free or open source software. (I'm an advocate.) It has matured to the point where, in some cases, it is even better than software you have to pay for. Also, more and more of it is conveniently available in the cloud. Many homes and businesses can now contemplate a computing environment that is less expensive but no less effective than commercial hardware and software.


Peel open a desktop computer and look inside. They aren't that complicated. Understanding this hardware preps you for building or repairing your own computer. You'll be rewarded with greater self-sufficiency and perhaps a more thoughtful allocation of your hard earned money.


To navigate the technological world more safely, think about protecting yourself from the bad guys out there, as well as from yourself.


--- Updated 19 September 2012